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Quora Should Add a Pay to Answer Feature

I would jump at the chance, for a small fee ($20+), to be able to email an expert on Quora and know they are going to respond privately to me. There are countless of highly specialized experts on the site answering broad questions, I think people would be very willing to pay to get their

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Making New Friends Over a Meal

I do not know how I missed this one, but is a social dining website that lets you join a table of strangers at a highlighted restaurant. So, basically, you go to, see a list of upcoming dinners at different restaurants, you can then buy a seat at any one that has a

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How Many Founders Did It Take?

News.YC user fauigerzigerk did a great job of listing out all the prominent technology companies and the number of founders they were created with. I do not know why I find the topic of “how many finders does it take” so interesting, but I do. There is also some great discussion around BitGeek’s posting Absolutely,

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