Passion is unchecked, uncontrollable emotion.

Being passionate about a craft, for example, means having an unwillingness to let go and allow room for anything else. It means being blind to the world around except for the one true love. An attraction that is uncontrollable. It’s selfish and potentially destructive.

Here’s an example:

Say someone is passionate about knitting. It’s something they do everyday at any moment they can find. Then one day all the yarn in the world disappears. What would happen to that person? Is it unreasonable to think they could fall in to a deep, dark depression?

But what if they where indifferent to knitting. What if as they knit everyday they reminded themselves that it could disappear at any moment. They’d certainly be ready for it should that day come. They would even be in a position where they’d continue to thrive.


Because the act of knitting is not what brings them joy. It’s the act of giving the scarf to their nephew or the new sweater to their wife. It’s the joy of the first sale or the thanks someone expresses in a thank-you letter.

If knitting were to disappear the true knitter would move on to the next thing knowing that as long as they get to pass along joy they too will be satisfied.