Notes from Principles by Ray Dario

Principles by Ray Dario

• Amygdala vs prefrontal cortex. These are the two “yous” battling it out. The amygdala reacting without thought protecting you from embarrassment or shame. The prefrontal cortex providing reason and logic. With time and effort you can get these two working in symbiosis.
• The goal of a disagreement should not be to prove yourself right, but to figure out which view is true. Be open minded to others’ point of view and make it clear to them you are doing so by asking questions.
• People want to make their own decisions whether target are capable or not. E.g. Knowing what to do about educational problems. People hold tightly their opinions and want to be proven right whether they know anything about the topic or not or whether they’ve considered all sides of the problem or not.
• Don’t view it as an argument. View it as en exploration of what’s true.