Startups are a labyrinth, not a maze.

A maze has rules that are easy to define and those rules don’t change. Come to a wall, you can either go left, right, or turn back.

A labyrinth may look like a maze so it may seem like there are rules, but a labyrinth is dynamic and can change as the last second. Come to a wall, maybe it can be smashed. Maybe you can go under it. Maybe the wall disappears every once in a while. Maybe you can turn it into a unicorn and ride it away. It may not even exist. There truly are no rules.

Startups are like labyrinths, there are no rules and everything is coninously changing. You have to be ready for what comes and even then you have to make sure you truly understand what you are faced with.

Even the roles of its players is not easy to define and changes often. There is no easily defined pipeline of work for people in a startup to pull from. There is just this big pile of a mess that needs to be picked up and organized. And it’s done by everyone.

If you love labyrinths, you’ll love startups.