Apple MacBook Air. Meh. Gulp. Aaaaaaa.

We all have opinions about things we are passionate about and I am no different. So here is my quick take on Apple’s new member to the MacBook line. The MacBook Air. (First Look at the MacBook Air)

Absolutely Gorgeous
Yes. It is gorgeous and super thin and light. Ok. I love the black keys and surprisingly the slight clam like curvature to the body’s edges is nice too. It just looks cool.



Meh, But So What
I truly expected something more from Apple. A new approach to mobile computing all together, apart from simply being the thinnest computer. Thin is just not enough for me. It’s been done and playing the thinner game is boring to me.

It comes off as a necessary step in a revolutionary process. Somehow without it we could never move on. Nah! I say skip generations! Move faster than you need or even should! Why not? Don’t take the easy, obvious way out. Taking away drives, being purely a wireless device does not count. It barely begins to scratch the surface of what computing will become.

So Do I Want One?
Fuck Ya!

No more lugging around my 15″ PowerBook G5!

Room in my bag for more useless junk!

Trackpad gestures so I can get more done, faster!

Envious stares at the hippest Cafes!

Bromide and PVR free!

Glass is free of any mercury and arsenic!

$1800.00…Come on… That’s priced pretty well!

Gulp! Aaaaaaa!

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