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Twistori > Summerize > Twitter Twistori presents a flow of common emotions that people twit about on Twitter, pulled via Summerize. What is funny is how removed the viewer is from an emotion that started so intimately. Created by Amy Hoy and Thomas Fuchs.


We track our money, our workout habits, so why not our social interactions? TweetStats is a statistic utility that breaks down your Twitter usage by month, aggregate hourly tweets and which interface you use most. Here are my stats: http://tweetstats.com/graphs/rjb As you can see, the trend moves downward for me. via Fred Wilson’s post Twitter

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For those of you interested, you can easily “follow” me at friendfeed.com/rjb. For those who do not know what FriendFeed.com is, it aggregates your online identities and notification systems like Twitter, del.icio.us, Google Reader and Netflix. If puts all your activities into a life-stream effectively so your friends can track what you are up to.