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Paul Boag’s list of things a web designer will never tell you

Great post by Paul Boag over at entitled 10 things a web designer would never tell you #7 is my favorite: Fit as much on the homepage as possible Without a doubt the homepage is by far the most important page on your site. If I look at my own website statistics the majority

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Treating links as if they were footnotes?

From a usability standpoint, well any standpoint for that matter, treating links as if they were footnotes makes absolutely no sense. It defeats the whole point. The website for the Chicago Recycling Coalition uses this approach in full force: Dates and locations for collections in the Chicago area can be found on the IEPA website

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We track our money, our workout habits, so why not our social interactions? TweetStats is a statistic utility that breaks down your Twitter usage by month, aggregate hourly tweets and which interface you use most. Here are my stats: As you can see, the trend moves downward for me. via Fred Wilson’s post Twitter

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