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Interruptions vs. Invitations

Interruptions are never welcomed. Invitations are a welcomed surprise. Interruptions aggravate and annoy. Invitations make you smile. Interruptions divide people. Invitations gather like-minded people. Interruptions pull you away from what interests you. Invitations notify you of interesting things. Interruptions steal time from your present and future. Invitations give meaning to your present and future.

People don’t want cheap labor

This sign may have been posted by the most reliable and highest quality light-hanging team. But it is shortsighted and will not get noticed by the customers they want. What if instead it was a large photo of the team? What if they were decked in Christmas attire? What if rather than being the cheapest

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Payless shoes recently opened a popup store under the brand “Palessi,” positioned as a luxury an elite shoe store founded by fictional designer Bruno Palessi. Shoes that would have cost $30 were relabelled and priced as high as $1,800. At an private, invite only event, shoppers were given the opportunity to be the first to

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Ads Like This Work

I think ads like this work for one simple reason. They’re entertaining. People are going to watch them all the way through. The last thing anyone does is read software manuals or how-tos, but if all software demos were like this, we’d all be experts.