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Bad Luck Syndrome

Something we all feel we’re plagued with at times… “If you focus on what’s going wrong in your life—especially if you see it as ‘bad luck’ you can do nothing about—it will seem blacker and more malevolent. In a short time, you’ll become so convinced that everything is against you that you’ll notice more and

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In a psychology class I took in College we devoted a months worth of classes to the number 7, how people can efficiently remember exactly seven things at any given time. So it was cool to see Paul Buchheit’s post We all have tunnel vision where he explains that since we can only hold seven

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Struggling With Perfection

I’ve been struggling with some work lately, trying to makes things perfect, but this usually ends up making things worse. Or I end up not pursuing it simply because I envision all the imperfections down the line. That’s when I have to revisit Paul Buchheit’s… “Perfect” is the enemy of “good enough” Forget about your

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