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Abandoned Garage Converted Into Apartment

An architect in Bordeaux, France coverts an old garage on a historic street into an apartment. The most interesting feature is a single piece of furniture which acts as a closet, couch, guest bedroom, master bedroom, bathroom, workspace, and storage space.

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Photoshop image deblurring

My concentration at University was in photography so I’ve always been fascinated, and sometimes confused, with image manipulation software. Two of my favorite photographers are Paul Strand and Alfred Stieglitz who were driving forces behind the art of photography as we know it today (at least, that is what I remember). Both were active in

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The Chronology of the Art of Joel Robert Harris

I had never heard of Joel Robert Harris until I came across a Reddit post linking to a chronology of his art work, starting at age 5. It is not only amazing to see an artist progress in technique, but also being able to see the different themes and ideas he explored throughout his

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