Solving for the optimal skill-set

The skills employers and the market value change over time. What was an important skill ten years ago may or may not be useful today. Or, rather, it’s the price required for entry.

Narrowly defined roles are no longer the norm. It’s common for companies to run as numerous small teams rather than a single whole. This means more is expected of each member.

As the quality of products and services in the market continue to accelerate at an incredible rate, it means the baseline for what a client demands is rising.

If the foundation of your job rests on reproducibility then someone somewhere is trying to automate (or more likely, accelerate) you out of a job.

But there are things employers and the market need that will never change.

Reliability. Connection. Persistence. The ability to activate a group of like people.

These will always be rewarded.

Knowing when to optimize your skillset vs. knowing how to make an impact should not be conflated.