Protecting messages, stories, and ideas

Is this copyright infringement? What if 524 other people each photograph and independently share online a different page from the same book? What if someone then shares a link on their blog to each of those pages?

If an author’s main goal is to make money from their work, then this may incense them. If an author’s main goal is to spread their message would they care if their work is shared without their permission?

Where is the line between what an author wants (spread their message, make money, write a best seller) and what a lawyer wants (interpret and defend a legal case)?

When prominent Swedish author Unni Drougge posted her own book available for free on The Pirate Bay, she was saying that the freedom of information is more important than anything else. That her mission is to get her stories into as many minds as possible.

Her approach is in divergence with publishers who spend their time trying to stop works from being shared, viewing people as thieves.