The Meaning Of The Result Of Work Matters

I use the term “artist” to include any one who creates things they put out into the world. This can be a painting a sculpture a software application a speech a etc. if you create, you’re an artist.

Artists are the last people who understand their work. They have this sense of what it’s about or the direction they went or things they felt when creating; They have intention. But it’s not until they get feedback do they truly understand their work.

What others see in the artist’s work is oftentimes what is in the artist’s subconscious, now bubbling up. Other times it’s a whole new enlightening perspective, that was never considered before. 

If you want your work to resonate and impact people, you need to understand it. And the only way this can happen is by putting it in front of peoples’ faces, watching them interact with it, and openly, without ego ease our their specific feedback and feelings.

Then, when you have true opinions, do something with it.