We have the Internet, but all we want is Facebook

Focus may be the most critical skill of the future.

In a capitalist economy, the market rewards things that are rare and valuable. Social media use is decidedly not rare or valuable. Any 16-year-old with a smartphone can invent a hashtag or repost a viral article. The idea that if you engage in enough of this low-value activity, it will somehow add up to something of high value in your career is the same dubious alchemy that forms the core of most snake oil and flimflam in business. – Quit Social Media. Your Career May Depend on It.

Chipping away at one of the greatest crations man has ever forged.

Through its Free Basics program, Facebook has literally become the internet for the world’s poor (who have to pay money to access websites that are outside of Facebook). – I can’t just stand by and watch Mark Zuckerberg destroy the internet.

Pleasing China means suppressing posts and restricting content. Is this what “conversation” looks like?

Facebook Said to Create Censorship Tool to Get Back Into China

Own your words. Control your words. Unfiltered and open access to other’s words, that is the Internet. There is no conversation without openness.