2 weeks with the MacBook Pro (esc)

I’ve been using Apple’s new MacBook Pro for a couple weeks now, and here is my bulleted take:

  • Keyboard. The limited travel aggregated me at first, but after a few days the feel of the keys started to grow on me. When I was able to ignore my self conscious thought and just give in to the feel, I started the appreciate the speed and smoothness of typing. However, the first few key keystrokes still feel slightly awkward, and phslysically my ability to find my place without looking is still off.
  • Speed. This new MacBook Pro replaced my MacBook Pro I bought in 2009, so of course the thing is lightyears ahead of what I am use to. So take my word with a grain of salt here, but this thing is fast.
  • Lack of ports. This is just fucking annoying. Not being able to use my Apple Cinema Display or wireless mouse without having to buy an adapter (which I have yet to do) sucks. But more aggregating is the lack of an SD card slot, which means until I buy a dongle, I have to first import my photos in my old MacBook Pro, then copy them over to my new MacBook Pro. It’s a hassle.
  • Form factor. It’s beautiful. What can I say. It’s sleek and looks good and feels good to hold.

    Ok. So it’s official. Apple, it seems, is no longer giving priority to power users, and is going all in on the consumer front. Does Apple no longer live at the edge? Are they now the safe bet?

    My sense is that by the time I’m ready to upgrade again, my only choice will be an iPad.