Distraction kills

Do work that’s hard. Push through until it’s done. Most people stop half way through, telling themselves it’s plenty for now, or they just can’t do anymore.

But push through. Go to completion. Set goals and go.

Freeletics has created a near perfect tool for getting you to push through. Complete 5 sets of 30 climbers, 30 sit-ups, 20 push-ups and 30 squats no matter what. Even if it takes hours.

Write a blog post, even if it takes hours to get out want you want to say.

There are more distractions today than ever. This means fewer people will be diving deep into skills and topics. This is opportunity for anyone to do the hard work and master the skills and talents in need.

Distraction kills. Find the pleasure in the pains. Find the joys, the rewards. When you focus on the bad that pain can bring, you stop. When you focus on the pleasure, you’ll be shocked to see how far you’ve gotten.