Feature X

Customers will give you any number of reasons why they won’t buy, whether they’re true or not. Maybe they’re shy or don’t want to hurt your feelings, as so often it’s “your product is missing feature X.”

Nonsense. They just don’t want to buy. They may not even know the reason why. They just know the answer is no. There’s often little you can do about it. 

And that’s good! You don’t want them as your customer. 

What’s dangerous is using their no to decide the strategy and direction of you product. I.e. Adding feature X to your product. 

So, two options:

  1. Foolishly add the one feature the customer wants, hoping they bite
  2. Play the long game by setting a product identify from day one and never steering away

The problem with #1 is that it rarely, if ever, helps you create a product anyone actually wants. Okay. One person. But that’s it. You’re stuck pandering to that one customer.

Better to go after a well defined group of people, and make something that benefits them all. Why make one person happy when you can make thousands extatic.