Month: February 2016

Steps For Pleasing Upset Customers

So you can ensure you never feel aggregated again. Listen. Understand the issue or problem Verbally relate to their pain, apologize, and own it Tell the customer how you’re going to solve their problem and make things right Follow up at regular intervals with status updates Inform the customer how the issue was solved and

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_blank: Load the response into a new unnamed HTML4 window or HTML5 browsing context. – _blank is bad because it: Takes control away from the user Clutters the user’s workspace Tricks users into “staying” on your site Is unexpected 99.99% of the time And therefore annoys people, leaving them with a bad taste in

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Feature X

Customers will give you any number of reasons why they won’t buy, whether they’re true or not. Maybe they’re shy or don’t want to hurt your feelings, as so often it’s “your product is missing feature X.” Nonsense. They just don’t want to buy. They may not even know the reason why. They just know

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It’s easy to get caught up with a sense of urgency, giving in to the demand and pressure around you to get things done. But it is rare that these things actually are urgent. You can either do lots of shallow things as fast as possible. Or you can focus on deep problems, knowing that

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Helping Strangers

While at Powells, I heard a young boy asking his grandfather where the computer book section was. The grandfather did not know, nor could he offer any advice on book recommendations. A middle aged man stepped in, overhearing, and directed the couple, as well as offering  two book recommendations. The man didn’t have to step

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Judging a Book by Its Title

I’ve found myself judging books by their title. Determining if I want to spend my time learning the one thing a book has to offer. As if a title can reduce a book’s value Ono a few words. Or if that’s all it offers. Now I jump and skim books before I buy and if

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No Coding Skills Required

While this sales phrase may eventually fade, the need and growth for solutions that require coding skills will not. This means more and more coding opportunities for coders, but also a less of a need need to learn to code (because coders will make more and more things that no longer require one to know

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Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

This is a bad question. When asked, you invariably look backwards, wondering whether you’ve done enough of worth the previous five years. Better to think and worry about today, the here an now. Dismissing expectations from mind is the easiest way to extend your life.