Point Reyes

Took an amazing hiking trip to Point Reyes today. We first stopped at the Bear Valley Visitor Center, grabbed a map, and got on our way… We took the Bear Valley Trail to the Meadow Trail to the Sky Trail then finally to the Woodward Valley Trail to our final destination… The Sculptured Beach.

The most strenuous section was the Meadow Trail, which was more or less entirely uphill. The most stunning part was emerging from the woods to a panoramic view of the seashore.

A highly recommended hike!

Quora Should Add a Pay to Answer Feature

I would jump at the chance, for a small fee ($20+), to be able to email an expert on Quora and know they are going to respond privately to me. There are countless of highly specialized experts on the site answering broad questions, I think people would be very willing to pay to get their more specific questions answered.