Month: January 2013

Tracking Progress Helps You Focus

When I was at the gym today I felt completely lost. I felt like I was wandering around, not picking up the right weight, and just over thinking too much. It was probably the weakest I have been in a long time. I couldn’t figure out why, until I realized the one thing that I

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Abandoned Garage Converted Into Apartment

An architect in Bordeaux, France coverts an old garage on a historic street into an apartment. The most interesting feature is a single piece of furniture which acts as a closet, couch, guest bedroom, master bedroom, bathroom, workspace, and storage space.

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Gatekeepers no longer exist

Gatekeepers no longer exist, but their idea still persists. We see them in shows like American Idol, the workplace, and even friends and family. This idea that you need to take a set of steps in order to please the gatekeepers to let you move forward. It is still within people to believe that you

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Caring undone

I was at Target the other day picking up some vitamins when a group of teenage kids started popping open boxes of diet pills and cramming the bottles into their jackets. Shouting, literally throwing the empty boxes around, just causing a scene the entire time. All right near an employee filling shelves at the other

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Follow up FAST

One of the easiest hacks I learned for impressing customers, partners, and people in general is to follow up with them as fast as humanly possible. The moment you receive their ping, ping them back. This does not mean completing the action that they may require of you. It simply means acknowledging them and their

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People will rarely tell you when you’ve screwed up

People generally do not like confrontation and will go out of their way to compliment you even when you have totally screwed up. The easiest place to catch yourself doing this is after a mediocre meal. I’ll too easily let the owner know “it was great” when in fact the meal was a barely edible.

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War on Drugs

Interesting Wall Street Journal article on the War on Drugs: Have We Lost the War on Drugs?. I think that the focus on finding a tactic to solve the drug problem, quantity based offenses for example, is one that will not work. I also think decriminalization will not work. Yes, I believe there would be

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Price based purchasing decisions

For my twelfth birthday my father took me to Abt to buy me my very first boombox, something I had been wanting for some time. This was 1989 and I will never forget walking through the door, stepping up to a massive wall of stereos of all shapes, colors, and sizes. I was in heaven.

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Work used to mean doing what your told. You had a boss and he told you what to do in a very literal sense. You always knew where you stood, what was coming down the pipeline, and when you would be done. Work is no longer that simple. Work today means figuring out what needs

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