Rocking the boat

When meaningful change is required, rocking the boat is a critical action. If it’s not important, i.e. no one really cares, the boat will do nothing. It will just continue on its course and ignore your cries. It is when the boat starts to sway lightly that you know you are on the right track. It means you are making an impact and people are listening. It also means that no matter what, you can not stop for anything.

But what if no matter how hard you push, the boat doesn’t budge an inch? Maybe your message is wrong. Maybe you are pushing in the wrong spot. Maybe you are pushing without listening. Or Maybe you’re on the wrong boat. If it is none of these things, then it is time to find your mistake and adjust accordingly.

It’s once you get the boat swaying does it become important to listen to its rocking. You need to keep pushing until the swaying peaks, that is how you know your job is done.

Of course, sometimes you need to capsize the boat, but that is rare.