Don’t do that!

Taking chances was fun and easy when we were young, we just did things with little thought. We’d climb up on the counter looking for cookies. We’d grab a hammer and some nails to build forts for our friends. We’d get up in the middle of class to use the bathroom, without raising our hand. Hell, we’d jump out a second story window on a dare. Of course, this was until adults told us not to.

“Don’t do that!”

This order was drilled in to our heads enough times until we no longer took chances. We began to second guess our decisions and failed to push forward without endless thought. Eventually, we stopped thinking all together. Slowly, we became compliant.

Sometimes it may seem the only way to stop improper behavior is to tell someone what not to do, but there is a better way. If we can focus is on what we can do, the world opens up and options naturally formulate in our mind. What we considered restrictions before, become opportunities.

We realize that taking chances is a safe and fun way to live life.