Assumptions About Waiting for Superman

I have yet to see Waiting for Superman, but since it covers such a hot topic, education in America, I already have made assumptions about its message, and its vehicle. It is one of those topics in which everyone believes they are an expert in, simply because they went through the school system. It is deeply personal to us all.

I am resisting stating my opinions on education in the U.S. because, really, they are unfounded. I will say this, one thing I can say with a degree of confidence, cultures or communities or units that value education differ greatly from those that do not.

That aside, I had decided not to see the movie because of one question:

Does the movie perpetuate this idea that there are gatekeepers in life, that we need someone else’s permission, that success is not in our own hands?

I recently changed my mind about seeing the movie because everyone is now part of the conversation. Plus, having educators in my family compels me to want to better understand and appreciate their world.

My assumption is that the most interesting conversations are probably happening offline, but here is that is taking place online:

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