Month: October 2010

A Church and a Pub

Years ago, living with my grandfather in Brighton, UK, he would often remind me, “all you need to build a town is a Church and a Pub”. That all you needed was a place for people to congregate and socialize. Once those institutes were in place, people would begin to gather. The first “settlers” would

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Making New Friends Over a Meal

I do not know how I missed this one, but is a social dining website that lets you join a table of strangers at a highlighted restaurant. So, basically, you go to, see a list of upcoming dinners at different restaurants, you can then buy a seat at any one that has a

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Every Life is Precious

St. Petersburg Times writer Andrew Meacham wrote a poignant and important piece on resident Neil Alan Smith who was killed by a hit and run driver. Hit-and-run victim was quiet and dependable, co-workers say The perception and the poor valuing of “roles” is saddening.

Why Mint Beat Wesabe

Marc Hedlund, founder of personal financial site Wesabe, has a candid and interesting read on Why Wasabe Lost to Mint. There were many rumors running around as to why it failed over Mint which he wanted to address. The best conversation on the topic is happening over at Hacker News, but I thought I would

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Living in a Bubble

The great thing about living in a bubble is that everything works in your favor. You are living under your own rules so why wouldn’t it? Not only that, but it is comforting, you can focus on what you find interesting and ignore the rest of the world. This is great for building software, making

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