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I am partial to startups focused on food and I am loving the new services that are popping up around it. I would like to see more people working on startups around food, specifically around the idea of sharing or the making of food.

Here are a few that have gotten my attention recently.

CookItFor.us which launched at midVenturesLAUNCH on Tuesday here in Chicago. CookItFor.us matches people with recipes they want made with others who will make it for them. It’s one of those ideas that was hard to grasp at first, but I think it has huge potential if they focus and find a group of people who love trying new foods.

Forkly is in stealth, but the name and logo leads me to believe it is food related. That’s all I got on them

FoodSpotting.com – People sharing their plates of food, mostly from restaurants. Great way to see what restaurants actually make so you know if it is at least visually interesting.

sushi Foodzie is a marketplace for artisan food makers. It is kind of like Etsy for foodies… You will want to buy most everything on here.

TasteSpotting.com is community driven recipe book. Effectively they collect recipes from around the web and display them in a beautiful recipe card format.

Any others I missed?

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    Thanks for highlighting CookItFor.Us 🙂

    Check out our new Public Beta :-))


    Love is food. Food is love. Share the love.

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