Finally Bought a Kindle

Amazong Kindle Graphite

I never bought a blue-ray or hd dvd player, DVD quality is fine. I never bought a tivo, TV sucks, why record or even pause it. I don’t have a Roku box, I have a computer connected to my TV… So of course I never bought a Kindle even though it makes perfect sense to me now.

I read a lot, I like having a book with me at most times, I’m always looking for new books to read, I like to take notes on what I read and I am usually reading a few books at once.

What took me so long.

The nuisances of this new technology was a roadblock to my appreciation of it. What if dirt gets inside it? Can I read it in the dark? How much are the books? Is it heavy? I like how books feel in my hand so no thank you. I like to flip through books to read at random points. Can I read PDFs on it? What about digital books from the Library? What if I lose it? Is it fragile?…

This is me fighting something that is truly revolutionary. The more confused I am about a new idea or technology, the more it challenges the status quo, the greater its chance of being disruptive.

The reverse can also be true. If something at first glance is perceived as brilliant or interesting, the likelihood of it being longstanding is usually quite low.

* Kindle photo by Librarian by Day

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    can’t wait to see how you enjoy and compare to the more fully functional ipad

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