Allowing The Transaction No Matter What

Back when I first tried to buy my Android phone (MyTouch) there were two color choices, white and black. I went in wanting the black model, but just out of curiosity I asked if I could see the white model.

So, after verifying my account standing and eligibility for the savings, the T-Mobile sales rep said “No problem” and ran to the back room and came back with both a black model and a white model. He opened up the white one and let me check it out, but I was quickly put off, so I told him, “I’ll take the black one”.

“Um, I actually just scanned this one into the system so I don’t think I can make the change”. “Err… Let me see”…

From what I gather, there just was no option to make the change or even remove it as a line item.

“Ok, I’ll just pay for the phone, return it and then you can ring me up for the black one, I don’t mind waiting”.

So he tried that, I paid for and returned then phone.

“Hmm… It looks like I can’t actually ring you up for a new phone since your account is now marked as no longer eligible for the savings”.

We went back and forth for a bit trying to figure something out, he called T-Mobile offices and there was nothing they could do. But They did have a solution.

Go to another T-Mobile location and buy it there.


Here I was, ready to hand over hundreds of dollars, sign a new 2-year contract, and was unable to because of a simple miscommunication. And the comedic solution was to go to another T-Mobile store about five blocks away.

So a known bug in their process forces customers to find another physical store location. Should not a transaction always occur, no matter what, if both parties are a good fit?