A Lesson from 90 Miles Cuban Cafe, Remove the Guidelines

Kat and I had a great experience at 90 Miles Cuban Cafe this afternoon that I think is the perfect example of what a great work environment can do for a business.

We both recently went vegan so whenever we are eating somewhere new we always have a plethora of questions and today was no different. “Is there any dairy or honey in the creole sauce?”, “can we have our roll without any butter?”, “are the beans cooked with chicken stock?”, and so on.

He quickly picked up on the fact that we were vegan, genuinely offered some recommendations and then, believe it or not, came up with a dish for us on the fly. It was delicious!

How hard was that for him to do? Not very hard at all, but we rarely have such experiences. He just as easily could have mentioned the tofu sandwich and been done with it. But instead, since there were no instilled guidelines handed down from management, and he clearly loved working there, he actually got excited in coming up with a dish he knew we would love.

They now have two repeat cusomters for life simply by removing any guidelines and allowing their employees to treat the place as if it were their own.