Branded Credit Cards, Milking You For All It’s Worth.

My previous post, The Dreaded Last Minute Sales Pitch, leads nicely into this one…

My credit card is pretty boring. All it has on it is my bank’s logo and the visa moniker. I do “get” credit cards with your favorite sports team on it or better yet charitable credit cards for cancer research or wildlife refuge. What I do not get and near despise are business branded credit cards.

What possible benefit could you get from something like a MySpace branded credit card?

MySpace and others who offer branded credit cards are milking their customers for all it’s worth, practically admitting that they will not be around for very long or in it for the long haul. Whenever I am offered a branded card I immediately assume that they just don’t care. They will sacrifice a few customers here and there in order to make a quick buck.

When this becomes a means of income for a business I find they will sacrifice anything to get more and more people to sign up.