Month: March 2009

“A man in Afghanistan once told me that a third of this planet eats with spoons and forks, and a third of the planet eats with chopsticks, and a third eats with their fingers. And they’re all just as civilized as one another.” – Rick Steves, The other side of Rick Steves

Sunday’s Links

Don’t Launch Happy Notes Overnight Success: It Takes Years 5 Awesome Sci-Fi Inventions (That Would Actually Suck) Apple logo converted to second monitor Listable Double your userbase with two lines of code and a box of Modafinil Nerd Merit Badges War? (Boagworld interview with Daniel Burka and Joe Stump from Digg) Amanda Offenbacher Photography Stack

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To Rewrite?

I’m getting very tempted to rewrite an application that I’ve been working on for about three months now. All sorts of reasoning to do so have tugging at me, but what actually prompted this temptation is a side project I’m working on with @iheartcinnamon (kat). It made me realize how hard it actually would be

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Branded Credit Cards, Milking You For All It’s Worth.

My previous post, The Dreaded Last Minute Sales Pitch, leads nicely into this one… My credit card is pretty boring. All it has on it is my bank’s logo and the visa moniker. I do “get” credit cards with your favorite sports team on it or better yet charitable credit cards for cancer research or

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Camcorder on Sushi Conveyor Belt

Watch the people’s reactions as a camera makes the rounds at a local sushi restaurant in Tomakomai, Hokkaido, Japan. – patora911 This is actually a very interesting video of someone who placed a video camera on a conveyor belt at a sushi bar; As the belt moves around, the camera records the diners. Some take

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Dharmesh Shah’s Talk at the Business of Software Conference 2008

The other day I came across a talk given by Dharmesh Shah at the Business of Software 2008 conference entitled Insights From in and Around MIT. In the talk, Dharmesh touches on just about every aspect and cycle that a young software startup will go through, all from personal, tangible experience; Idea inception, sales and

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