Jen-Hsun Huang on the Future of Computing, Graphics, Processing

VentureBeat has a fascinating interview with Nvidia exec Jen-Hsun Huang which focuses on what Huang asks, “what is the soul of a new PC?”.

For Huang it is not a question of when the recession will lift, getting things back to normal, but what will the landscape look like. Specifically the PC and chip industries.

Better, smaller, faster, more efficient chips and computers.

But the core change: Cheaper computing instruments.

Q: What is the next-generation user interface?
A: I may sound old fashioned. I want a MacBook Air with battery life that lasts forever for $199. I like that big keyboard. –

Bringing up Apple is very interesting. They are off in their own world and if the rest of the world changes, what does that mean for them?

Sales of netbooks are growing.

Maybe it’s better for Apple; Creating more value for them.

I’m often asked, “are those cheap Acer laptops really any good?”; Questioning their intention, going ahead the purchase no matter what my answer.

Honestly, as long as PCs and Laptops start coming stripped down, no unnecessary 3rd party software, all will be good.

But I really want one of these: TechCrunch Tablet