Converting an Outlook .PST to Mac Mail for OS X

Or, how to migrate your Outlook 2003 mailbox, contacts and calendar items to Mac OS X.

1. Do yourself a favor, spent $10, save your self hours and hours of extra work, and buy Little Machine’s Outlook-to-Mac (O2M). It will convert your outlook profile/.PST to Mac friendly standards perfectly. Download and install.

2. From you PC with your Outlook 2003 profile open, run O2M and follow the prompts, asking you nicely to place a check mark next which folders you want to convert. YES. This does include sub-folders, sent items, drafts, etc. You can also select your contacts and you calendar for conversion as well.

3. Copy the folders created by O2M to a thumb drive or maybe a CD and then copy them on to your Mac OS X machine.

4. From your Mac you can now go through each app, mail, address book and ical, and import your stuff. File > Import > Mailboxes, vCards or iCal file.