Month: May 2008

Converting an Outlook .PST to Mac Mail for OS X

Or, how to migrate your Outlook 2003 mailbox, contacts and calendar items to Mac OS X. 1. Do yourself a favor, spent $10, save your self hours and hours of extra work, and buy Little Machine’s Outlook-to-Mac (O2M). It will convert your outlook profile/.PST to Mac friendly standards perfectly. Download and install. 2. From you

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Editing PDFs in OS X

Here is a great little Mac OS X app for editing PDFs: PDFPen from Smile On My Mac. Some of its features: Replace text in original PDF with editable text blocks Fill out and save PDF forms Move, resize, copy and delete images in original PDF Copy and paste rich text; retain fonts and formatting

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Twistori > Summerize > Twitter Twistori presents a flow of common emotions that people twit about on Twitter, pulled via Summerize. What is funny is how removed the viewer is from an emotion that started so intimately. Created by Amy Hoy and Thomas Fuchs.