Some Random Photos from 1998 to 2000

Wedged between books and other such things I found some old photos I had taken some time ago. Thought I’d scan and share.

Doyle jumping off our TV (1998)

View Camera test (similar to Toyo 45CX View Camera) (1998)
Skeleton 1998

Kathy (1999)
Kat 1999

W. Eddy (Holga, 2000)
W Eddy St Chicago

Eiffel Tower Photogram (1998)
Eiffel Tower Photogram 1998

Kathy (2000)
Kathy in the Diner

Kathy on Damen Ave., Wicker Park, Chicago (1999)
Kathy on Damen Ave Wicker park chicago 1999

Back Porch Wrigleyville (Quaker Oats pinhole, 1997)
Back porch in Wrigleyville 1997