Give up 1 of your 5 senses to broaden your horizon

Seth Godin’s post, George Clooney is not normal, hits on the idea of expectations in relation to the people we chose to surrounds ourselves with.

You can’t hire that guy because he’s not as good looking as George. And you can’t believe that speaker because he doesn’t present as well as George. And that guy? He’s short. Short? Well, shorter than George. And you can’t trust him to make good decisions because his skin is much darker than George’s.

This extends to most everything we come into contact with, from where we chose to eat, the music we listen to, to what clothes we wear. We let the wrong sense commandeer our decision process.

Mr. Godin continues:

I was talking to someone at the Federal Reserve this week. He explained that in our electronic age, his relationships often start on the phone or by email. And they usually go extremely well, moving things quickly toward a happy conclusion.

The “electronic age” lets us lose our literal sight to focus on what is important.