Renting From iTunes is a Breeze. That’s About it.

apple itunes logo What I love about Netflix is that I can keep my rented DVD for as long as I like AND it will play just about anywhere. I can take it on holiday, over to a friends house, watch it my Powerbook or my office PC (um, yeah so?). DVDs are flexible. iTunes rentals, not so much.

But that’s suppose to be the point, right? A digital file should be more flexible. I should be able to watch it from anywhere, but I can’t. Just from the computer I downloaded it from or a video iPod, which I don’t have.

So that movie rental I downloaded on my office PC will have to be watched there. (Ok, I shouldn’t have rented a movie on my office PC, but those slick Apple ads seemed to allude that I would be able to play it just about anywhere)

This seems to negate to whole purpose of renting online. Why bother if I can just rent from On Demand? It’s faster. It costs the same.

One non technical issue that I feel needs working out is the 24 hours alloted to watch a movie, which may seem like enough time, needs to be doubled, at least. I usually watch movies late at night and sometimes I fall asleep in the middle of them. This of course means that I will then have to finish the movie during my non-movie watching hours, during the daytime. Not often, but it does happen. It is a concern I never had to worry about before.

What I do love is how easy and even fun the process is. The new interface on the Apple TV is very slick. I makes you WANT to rent from iTunes.