A Simple Turkey Sandwich

Ok. I just had one of the worst sandwiches in my entire life.

How hard is it to fuck up a chicken sandwich?

Who uses a quarter of a giant loaf of King’s Hawaiian Bread as sandwich bread?


Why do I buy sandwiches so often? They are the easiest thing in the world to make.

No. It is not just about plopping down some meat and condiments! Lettuce is more important than you think.

San Francisco sour is such the perfect everyday bread. It is almost too easy.

Cold-cuts should not be wet and slimy. Chicken meat should not be spongy.

Lettuce should compliment and add to the sandwich. With romaine, for example, cut the rib out. It’s just to watery. Shredding is ok, but it still dilutes the sandwich.

Pretty much all lettuce is fair game. Rocket is flavorful, thin and light so pile it on, maybe with some butter lettuce and romaine.

I’m simple. I like a little mayo and either some Dijon or English mustard. Mayo on top, mustard down below.

Cheese. Dublin cheddar.

I also make up a bottle of lemon vinaigrette to splash over the meat. (Olive oil, lemon juice and seasoning)

A Simple Turkey Sandwich

Turkey Sandwich