Facebooker at Chirb

Mike Mangino gave a fantastic talk on Facebook and Facebooker, a Ruby gem and Rails plugin for the Facebook REST API, at the Chirb meeting tonight.

What is fantastic about Facebooker, a point Mike reiterated throughout his talk, is that all you are really doing is creating a typical Rails app. Facebooker is all about helpers, doing all the FBML (Facebook’s Markup Language) lifting for you.

It took some time for my brain to wrap itself around such a simple concept, but the last thirty+ minutes Mike spent actually building a Facebook app., which put most of my concerns into perspective.

I just wish there would have been more time for a detailed discussion on topics like caching and scaling. Something that Mike alluded was simple, thanks to Facebook’s architecture.

I have never created a single profile on a single “conventional” social network. But I might have to now.