Month: February 2008

Steve Wozniak on Artificial Intelligence

Great interview with Steve Wozniak: Steve Wozniak on Apple, Steve Jobs and the Value of a Good Prank Woz on Artificial Intelligence: Could you build a robot that could make a cup of coffee? First, people say, “Well, that sounds simple.” And the answer is: It’ll never happen. You could come into my house and

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Ads Like This Work

I think ads like this work for one simple reason. They’re entertaining. People are going to watch them all the way through. The last thing anyone does is read software manuals or how-tos, but if all software demos were like this, we’d all be experts.

Renting From iTunes is a Breeze. That’s About it.

What I love about Netflix is that I can keep my rented DVD for as long as I like AND it will play just about anywhere. I can take it on holiday, over to a friends house, watch it my Powerbook or my office PC (um, yeah so?). DVDs are flexible. iTunes rentals, not so

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We track our money, our workout habits, so why not our social interactions? TweetStats is a statistic utility that breaks down your Twitter usage by month, aggregate hourly tweets and which interface you use most. Here are my stats: As you can see, the trend moves downward for me. via Fred Wilson’s post Twitter

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MacBook Air, Rationalizing Again

Leave it to Jason Calacanis and his review of the MacBook Air to impede my efforts, calming myself from plopping down $1,700 for a MacBook Air. Ugh! More internal rationalizations Weight: My 6lb+ PowerBook is just too damn heavy. Those trips between my office and my living room are brutal! Ethernet: What’s that? USB: I

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Apple Doubles iPhone Storage to 16GB. No 3G.

It is official. Apple is now selling a new iPhone with double the storage, a bump from 8GB to 16GB. The 16GB model fetches for $499, with the 8GB model is still at $399. Is it enough? While the limited 8GB storage was a factor in holding some people back, myself included, will the lack

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Fiber Optic Stub

The recent cut cables that had taken the Internet offline in Asia, the Middle East as well as a post on to a map of undersea internet cables lodged some fond memories lose: A few years back I lived with him (my grandfather) for a year in Brighton, UK and we’d spend hours discussing

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Facebooker at Chirb

Mike Mangino gave a fantastic talk on Facebook and Facebooker, a Ruby gem and Rails plugin for the Facebook REST API, at the Chirb meeting tonight. What is fantastic about Facebooker, a point Mike reiterated throughout his talk, is that all you are really doing is creating a typical Rails app. Facebooker is all about

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