Our Disconnection and Disrespect for Food. Jamie Oliver Says No More.

Food is precious. Life is precious. So I applaud Jamie Oliver’s recent televised “gala dinner” where he slaughtered a chicken in front of his guests “to awaken British consumers to the high costs of cheap chicken” (nytimes article). Food should be respected and we need to be more connected to it.

The standards for food, living animals that we consume, is appalling. How cheap do we need our food to be? Really!?! There is a point where food no longer is food. I often come across foods I can’t even identify.

I’d love to walk into Dominicks (grocery chain here in Chicago) one day and see the enormous 20ft x 4ft freezers, overflowing with frozen chickens, pre-seasoned pork, unidentifiable meats, removed. Who is eating all this stuff anyway? The food industry is set up to burn through an animals life cycle as fast as possible.

Forget for the animals sake, be selfish, think of the health factors. How many processes do we want our food to go through before it gets to our table? If we do not respect our food, we will continue our endless battles against preventable diseases.

Don’t get me started on Trader Joes…