I’ve been playing around with Songza, a new, closed beta, music search engine that lets you create playlists on-the-fly.

Here’s how it works

Enter in a band or song name and Songza returns a list of found music files – For everything I search for it gave me back items found on YouTube, mostly live stuff. You can then perform actions such as playing the song, rating it, adding it to a playlist, grabbing the embed code etc. There is no way to create an account yet, but your playlists will be there for you when you return, ala cookies.

The interaction and UI is very interested. Actions remains hidden until you click on a song in the list – See screenshot below. They must be using quite a bit of JavaScript and AJAX, but does not feel heavy. Everything works really well I must say.

Songza Screenshot

It is a really cool site and I am actually quite excited to see what direction they take this thing. Especially seeing that there are endless possibilities with online music.

Songza was developed by Humanized, Inc., a Chicago based software development company.

Note: I tried adding their embed code to this post, but it really messed up the layout. I am sure it something I am doing in my CSS.

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